Spotlight Episode 5

Spotlight Episode 5

Spotlight Episode 6

Spotlight Episode 5

Spotlight – Episode 4

Dynamics of Group Formation and its Impact on the Initiatives taken to Curb Youth Unemployment in Uganda – Youth Livelihood Program…

Spotlight – Episode 2

Access to justice in the extractives industry

Spotlight – Episode 3

Fighting Sexual Harassment in Ugandan Schools

Nailing or Failing Uganda’s economic Future! Energy and Transport as constraints for Uganda’s economic transformation

In 1907, Winston Churchill named Uganda ‘’the pearl of Africa’’. One of the reasons was Uganda’s rich wildlife, nature and resources,…

Policy Response to Unsafe Labor Migration of Ugandan Young Graduates Working in the UAE

The Next Generation of Policy Experts Learn Lobbying, Strategic Communication and Networking in Public Policy

Strategic communication, lobbying and networking are some of the fundamental elements in public policy research. Ideally, without these elements, a well-researched…

An Evening with Maggie Kigozi, Charles Mwangusha and our Fellows

Friday evenings are always a wonderful time to meet. Who you decide to meet with, however, is the fundamental question. At…

Our First Policy Development Seminar Highlights

The Problem Driven Policy Analysis framework (PDPAF) that Youth4Policy program(Y4P) employs in policy research is a unique one. Ideally, unlike the…

Meet the 2018 Youth4Policy Mentors

Ms. Gemma Ahaibwe is a Research Fellow at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC). She received her undergraduate degree in Quantitative…

Youth4Policy Fellows to Work with Policy Experts as their Mentors

A strong pillar of the Youth4Policy fellowship programme is the role that experienced policy experts play as mentors to the fellows. Briefly, the mentors provide professional policy research and analysis guidance, and act as role models to the fellows throughout their fellowship period.