Latest Program Updates

Lessons in Public Policy Research Writing

Three months down the road and the 2019 Y4P journey continues. It’s been worthwhile…

Zakaria Tiberindwa July 25, 2019

Discourse on dialogue: why we need to bring policy discussions to the streets.

Everyone seems to have an opinion. In Uganda at least – no singular topic…

Benjamin Mugema July 19, 2019

Activity Update

Training on Basics of Professional Writing for Youth4Policy Fellows

The workshop on professional writing offered the 2019 Youth4Policy fellow class a chance to actively work on their written presentation of their policy ideas and to receive experts’ advice on their work.

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Latest Perspectives and Ideas

Refugee, Migrant and Asylum Seeker: Why the differences matter.

In the modern era, cross-border movements have become very common with hundreds of people…

Daniel Adyera August 30, 2019

The tyranny of poverty: Why foreign aid has failed to bail African countries from the prison of poverty

The concept of poverty has dominated the agenda of international development discourses for the…

Tonny Okwir August 21, 2019

The “She” Word in Uganda’s Job Market.

For years, Uganda has demonstrated commitment to gender equality through legal and constitutional means….

Harriet Kamashanyu July 22, 2019
Dinnah Nabwire July 18, 2019

Refugee Youth Empowerment For Sustainable Peace and Development in Uganda

In July 2006, The African Youth Charter (AYC) was endorsed and adopted by the…

Daniel Adyera July 2, 2019

No one is Invisible: More efforts needed on financial inclusion of disadvantaged girls and women in Uganda.

How big is the challenge of financial inclusion for women in Uganda? The global…

Harriet Kamashanyu June 29, 2019