About Youth4Policy

Youth4Policy is a joint initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Centre for Development Alternatives aimed at empowering the next generation of Ugandan policy experts to meaningfully contribute to policy analysis and public debates.

Youth4Policy serves as capacity development lab for youth leaders from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds such as academia, civil society, and public service with a motivation to research and analyse specific policy questions from a youth perspective.

Our Work


Youth4Policy Fellows participate in a 6-month training program in the areas of policy analysis, research methodology, strategic communication and public advocacy. During their fellowship, they undertake independent research on a topic related to their area of expertise while receiving individual mentoring by a senior expert.

Policy Analysis

By focussing on policy analysis capacity building and facilitating youth to research and develop evidence-based policy positions, the initiative enables young policy experts to constructively engage with relevant stakeholders and move on to strengthen the position of youth as formidable stakeholders in shaping Uganda’s public policy discourse.


Alongside training and mentorship, the program provides similarly motivated young intellectuals with a networking space to engage, exchange and empower each other on issues of public policy and development. Our goal is contribute is a Uganda where young people are empowered to shape and influence the public policy discourse and decision-making, and where decision-makers uphold policy proposals from youth.