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Data Is Here! And To Stay! Welcome To #DataClubUG!

By Donnas Ojok On November 8, 2017

Surrounded by desktops, laptops, iPad, tablets, smartphones, feature phones, watches, cars, etc. we are ejecting infinite amounts of data daily. In fact, IBM recently estimated that our daily data exhaust is about 2.5 quintillion. This is contributed by vast amounts...


By Your Own Terms: Success Insights For The Young And Emerging African Leaders

By Donnas Ojok On July 12, 2017

There isn’t a dearth of literature or perspectives on success - what it is, how to arrive at it, how to manage it and the list goes on and on. But reviewing and analyzing the broad theme of success within...


Enhancing the Ugandan youth participation in the agricultural sector

By Donnas Ojok On September 1, 2016

The challenge of low interest of young people to get involved in the agricultural sector is fast becoming a continental wide concern. This concern is even flagrant in Uganda where a staggering 78% of the population is below 30 years...

Kabake: How a Community radio Programme is restoring hope and building communion in Northern Uganda.

Kabake: How a Community radio Programme is restoring hope and building communion in Northern Uganda.

By Donnas Ojok On August 16, 2016

On Sunday, the 07th August 2016 at 10:00AM, most residents of Acholi and parts of Lango sub-region shall tune to 102 Mega FM listen to KABAKE. To many of them, this will not be their first time to listen to...


Agricultural Coops and Fair Trade: Tackling the agricultural investment dilemma

By Donnas Ojok On August 13, 2016

It is generally believed that agricultural cooperatives offer a natural entrepreneurial solution to the problems of poverty faced by millions in the developing world. The argument goes that these coops allow even the least literate smallholders to gain market access...


Situating the Agenda 2063 within Uganda's Development Context

By Donnas Ojok On May 29, 2016

In 2013, African heads of government agreed to form an agenda that would guide national development frameworks of the member states in achieving certain development aspirations that the continent is aiming to attain over the next 50 years. The following...