Winnie Watera

Ms. Winnie Watera is a Policy Analyst with over three years’ experience in universal human rights, democratic governance, gender and public accountability. Winnie has previously worked with the Centre for Policy Analysis as a Programme Associate in charge of the Parliamentary Human Rights Programme as well as a content developer under Parliament Watch Uganda carrying out policy and legislative analysis, oversight and accountability, community development, as well as social media activism.

She currently works as a Programme Officer with the Public Policy Institute carrying public Policy research, analysis and training. Winnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Economics from Makerere University and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Research and Public Policy.

About my research

Topic: Improving Female Students’ Enrolment in STEM Demands Policies that Align the Social and Technical Aspects of the Problem

This brief recommends that educational policies should prioritise a response to the social factors such as negative gender stereotypes, a gender-inclusive curriculum and prejudiced teacher attitudes that hold girls away from enrolment in STEM disciplines.

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