Zakaria Tiberindwa

Zakaria is a Fraud Investigator currently working with the Inspectorate of Government. He has investigated several cases of corruption in public office across the Districts of Karamoja Sub- Region some of which have resulted into the prosecution of the implicated public officers and/or recovery of funds lost through corruption. In other cases he has handled, disciplinary action has been taken including dismissal of the culpable public officers. Previously, Zakaria worked with the Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society helping indigent clients to access justice through the provision of free legal aid services and Ultimate Multimedia Consultancy where he pioneered an Oil and Gas web portal that aimed at promoting transparency and information sharing in the Oil and Gas sector in Uganda.

Education background: PGD Legal Practice (LDC); LLB (Honours) (UCU).

Aspirations: To be a thought leader in shaping policies related to strengthening transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in public office.

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