The Role of Higher Learning Institutions in meeting social challenges. Why the quality of education matters

The Role of Higher Learning Institutions in meeting social challenges. Why the quality of education matters

By Barungi Ayesigye On May 14, 2020

  As the global public health shock of COVID 19 continues to impact negatively on countries worldwide, governments, institutions and businesses globally have had to back track their efforts, plans and priorities with financial budgets having to be realigned to...


Data Is Here! And To Stay! Welcome To #DataClubUG!

By y4p_admin On November 8, 2017

Surrounded by desktops, laptops, iPad, tablets, smartphones, feature phones, watches, cars, etc. we are ejecting infinite amounts of data daily. In fact, IBM recently estimated that our daily data exhaust is about 2.5 quintillion. This is contributed by vast amounts...


By Your Own Terms: Success Insights For The Young And Emerging African Leaders

By y4p_admin On July 12, 2017

There isn’t a dearth of literature or perspectives on success - what it is, how to arrive at it, how to manage it and the list goes on and on. But reviewing and analyzing the broad theme of success within...


Kaviri Ali's take on the SDGs: An Interview by a global young leaders network

By y4p_admin On October 18, 2016

In October, our member Kaviri Ali Harrison was interviewed by Marion Osieyo about his commitment to the SDGs and his recent visit to the United Nations (UN). Here is the a write-up of the interview proceedings. Marion: You’re an inspirational...


Increase funding for Primary Education

By Winnie Watera On October 14, 2016

As one of the tenets of economic development, a good education system at all levels is paramount. This by itself is a fundamental right, essential for the exercise of all other rights. However, it goes without saying that Uganda’s system...


A Comparative Analysis of Policy Making and Political Party-Functions between Uganda and Germany

By y4p_admin On September 8, 2016

Is decision-making in Uganda being done in the right direction? This is a key question that ensued from a recent meet between members of the Young Leaders Think Tank and key policy analysts from the Ugandan political parties. Both experts...